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Willing to replace the Daytona in competition, the North American Racing Team developed a new car based on the 365 GT4 BB. Taking note of the encouraging results, Ferrari will launch the development of its own version, based on the 512S.


After a two-stage development, the car will benefit from the learnings of Formula 1 (from which originated the engine and rear wing) and proposed a specific bodywork by Pininfarina, electronic injection, front headlights integrated into the bumper, and power figures reaching 470hp. The 512 BB LM will race as soon as 1979 and counts, amongst other results, a victory in the Le Mans GTX class in 1981 (5th overall).


This particular car, the last of the 25, was built for Jacques Swaters (Ecurie Francorchamps Racing Team). Delivered at Garage Francorchamps in parts and assembled in Brussels to avoid taxes, this car will never race in period. 

Even though it looks like other 512 BB LM, this car is different and benefits from all the advancement allowed at the time. Thus, the bodywork is in composite materials, allowing a weight loss of around 100kg and the chassis is optimized in rigidity and weight.


Resold in the US in 1983, the car was acquired by the Kato museum in 1991 before returning back on the other side of the Pacific in 1998 before being bought by the current owner in 2017. 

Ready to race, delivered with 2 engines and its FIA papers, the car is in the process of obtaining its Ferrari Classiche certification. Successfully raced in 2018/2019 in the Peter Auto events, the car can be seen at Gipimotor (Evere - Belgium) on appointment only.

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