Twists and turns of the Hungaroring

Twists and turns of the Hungaroring · Gipimotor

30 September & 1 October 2017

Peter Auto set up its base at the Hungaroring track for the very first time, for some Classic Endurance Racing. This was also an opportunity for Gipimotor to discover a fast and technical circuit, on which the Capri RS2600 Group2 (which won the 24H at Spa in 1971) fared superbly well by notching up a remarkable third place in the HTC race. The many fans there will surely not forget the epic battle between Chevron B16s in the CER1, and the great catch-up of the Austin Healey 3.0L 6 cylinders, built in 1963, in the Sixties race. It was quite a show!


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