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From its introduction to the world in 1953, the Corvette always aspired on being « Americas only true sportscar » despite a ban any factory supported racing decided by Chevrolet themselves. Battling against that ban, amateur and professional racers still took the car racing including in Le Mans, giving to the Detroit brand the sporty image they wanted. 

Inspired by the Mako Shark concept, the third generation of the Corvette was one of the first to benefit from a wind tunnel study for the design and other major innovations. Peak of the automotive history, the Corvette was also the car of the astronauts, Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, owning a C2 himself !


This specific car, built in 1964 in the Saint Louis factory as a 327ci road car was acquired through Claremont Corvette (UK) in the early 2000s and then restored and transformed by FS Racing to a full 1965 Big Block, disc braked and racing specification car. With a strengthen chassis, the car was ready to receive a Pete Knight engine coupled to a M22 gearbox. 

Owned by Adam Singer from 2008 onward, the car will race in the Spa Six Hours in 2009 and 2011 but also the GTSCC 2013 race in Dijon. Prepared at the time by RW Racing Service, the car was sold to the previous owner in the late 2015 via Willam I’Anson ltd.


Adding to the already extraordinary car, the previous owner developed extensively with more than 200 000 euros worth of development, spare package and reliability work. In that process, the car was raced as it should with appearance in the 2016 and 2018 Spa Summer Classic, 2018 Spa Six Hours, the NK HTGT and Peter Auto championship or even races in Zandvoort and Copenhagen. 

Well looked after during the 7 years of ownership, including work by Gipimotor, the car became a bulletproof race car and a great palmares without any cut corners in terms of costs or parts.


Acquired by Gipimotor in November 2022 the car received a complete check and is proposed ready to race with an HTP valid until 2026 and a complete spare package including brakes, gearbox, clutch, a spare engine and more. 

With 540hp under the right pedal, a look to die for an uniqueness as an ally, this potential front runner is chance to race something different for a fraction of what it cost to develop it. An ideal car for Peter Auto Sixties Endurance championship or the Spa 3 Hours ! 

The car is visible in our HQ (Evere - Belgium) on appointment only

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